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Virtual Chief Financial Officer Partnerships

Managing a business takes a lot of hard work and know-how, and our team at Murray and Kirchner CPA, LLC, respect your abilities. We partner with clients to plan out effective financial processes, maintain and report financial activities, and managing financial risk. We can handle payroll, interpret financial information, suggest ways to minimize expenditures, and find sources of cheap capital. We meet with our business partners on a monthly basis to guarantee their business’ financial success.

Business Accounting And Financial Planning Services

Running a business while managing its staff already puts enough on your plate; however, there is still much of the financial side that must be attended to. While it may seem like a great idea to hire a full-time chief financial officer to do your business planning and bookkeeping, you can hire business accounting experts from Murray & Kirchner CPA, LLC to take care of your business’s financial processes at an affordable price.

Nonprofit Accounting & Tax Preparation

As exciting and vital as non-profit organizations can be, we know the reality of having to deal with all the hoop jumping and bureaucratic tax laws that can stifle your energy and resources. Let us be a helping hand. Our experiences run the gamut and not only do we provide local support, but we have international experience too.