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International Business Accounting & Tax Services

Murray & Kirchner CPA, LLC, provides expert international tax planning and business consultation services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in the Rio Grande Valley area. Whether you have business interests in the United States, Mexico, or beyond, Murray Kirchner, CPA, LLC, has the expertise and financial skills to provide personalized solutions for any client.

Relying on our team of highly skilled and bilingual accounting professionals, we are ready to develop effective tax and financial planning strategies to ensure you stay in compliance with the laws of the United States and any other country you do business in, while also increasing your cash flow and profits.

To learn more about the solutions you need to reach financial success for yourself and your business,contact our firm today at (956) 800-5600.

Tax regulations, citizenship issues, and industry compliance requirements all come together to make international business extremely complex. The duo of Murray and Kirchner have the in-depth knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure that no unexpected tax liabilities arise.

With over 40 years of experience between them, Abigail Murray and Ethan Kirchner would be proud to provide you with expert service in any of the following areas:

Individual Support

  • Personal tax planning and tax return preparation services for foreign citizens with real estate or other interests in the United States
  • Trust estate planning for foreign nationals with interests in the United States
  • Personal tax planning and tax return preparation services for expatriates
  • Investment planning and support for foreign citizens with real estate or other interests in the United States

Depending on the needs of our clients, we will adhere to all IRS regulations including FIRPTA rules.

Business Support

  • Tax accounting support for foreign companies with real estate or other interests in the United States
  • Foreign trust support and services
  • Tax and business support for foreign ownership of U.S. assets
  • Tax accounting and business consultation services for U.S. maquiladora business owners
  • Business consultation services for entities setting up companies in the EU and Mexico
  • Business support for sales of U.S. properties
  • Business consultation support services for foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies
  • International tax advice
  • Investment structuring or restructuring

Depending on the needs of our clients, our team will closely follow the new rules and regulations put in place by the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) as well as any other international trade agreement requirements in order to ensure their business remains in compliance. We work diligently to help you avoid costly tax-related penalties, reduce your liability, and develop the strongest financial strategies to help you grow your business.

The fact that our offices are located close to the U.S./Mexico border means that we have firsthand experience with the issues that affect our clients with business interests north or south of the border.

Murray & Kirchner: Your international business accounting, tax consultation, and foreign trust support experts.

Our Financial Services Promise

We will work hard to earn your trust by providing the business, tax, and financial support you need to reach financial success.