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With unmatched dedication and skill, Abigail Murray and Ethan Kirchner are joining forces to provide McAllen, and by extension the Rio Grande Valley, with outstanding accounting and virtual CFO assistance to address businesses and individuals’ financial needs.

Our History

Abby and Ethan met while working together at a CPA firm in 2012. Eventually, the two parted ways, each continuing to hone their accounting skills in their own respective CPA firms for years; that is until 2020 brought them back together as the perfect accounting duo.

Abby has spent decades working alongside controllers, gaining a variety of industry experience while developing a love for helping people. With a commitment to long-term client relationships, Abby is highly skilled in strategic business planning and financial management. From reconciliation services to payroll, Abby has in-depth knowledge of a wide array of accounting tasks and processes.

Ethan, on the other hand, studied at Texas A&M in College Station, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 1999. In 2004, his hard work and years of study finally secured his place as a Certified Public Accountant recognized by the Texas Board of Accountancy.

Abby and Ethan

Ethan then spent years working with individuals and businesses across a range of industries as a sole practitioner and built an expert collection of accounting tools and techniques. His areas of expertise include tax preparation, general ledger, regulatory report and financial statement preparation, financial systems and statement analysis, implementation of controls and efficiencies based on detailed results, and high-level analytical and problem-solving skills.

The two of them together now offer a full-service VCFO and CPA firm located in McAllen that focuses on customer care and simplifying financial responsibilities for individuals and businesses alike.

The Benefits Our Partnership Provides to Our Clients

It’s common knowledge that “two heads are better than one,” and by partnering together, Abby and Ethan can provide their clients with a greater variety of techniques and creative solutions designed to streamline the way you manage your finances.

The duo each bring their own connections and resources to utilize for their clients. Both have robust industry experience and have worked with many different nonprofits and charitable organizations as well.

Most importantly, Abby and Ethan are great at working together to guarantee the highest quality service for their clients is met, no matter how much assistance each client may need. By pooling their resources, these partners are able to provide more accounting and virtual CFO expertise to more people without overextending themselves or sacrificing service.

Each of them brings their own perspectives and standards to the partnership, meaning their clients get the best accounting assistance available.

Murray & Kirchner CPA, LLC. Your Full-Service CPA and VCFO Firm.

If you’re looking for a client-focused, outstanding CPA and VCFO firm in McAllen, look no further than Murray Kirchner, CPA, LLC. Whether you’re an individual looking for personal financial assistance and tax preparation, or a business owner looking to organize and streamline your bookkeeping and financial planning, Murray and Kirchner would be proud to support you and help you achieve success.

Our time-tested VCFOs and CPAs have joined forces to offer your business quality financial planning and reporting.